Joe Miller Secures Six-Figure Settlement for 51-Year-old Truck Mechanic Who Suffered Tendon Injuries to Hand and Wrist

Newport News, VA, December, 2020. Six-figure Settlement for 51-year old Truck Mechanic. The injured worker was reaching for a tarp and as he brought his hand back, it was jabbed by an unknown object.  It started bleeding profusely so the client bandaged it up and called his employer.  After a few minutes, he could not move his thumb. It turns out he had caused severe injury to the tendons of his thumb, requiring immediate surgery. Unfortunately, the injury did not progress well, later requiring a tendon rupture repair and a wrist surgery. A Functional Capacity Exam found the client capable of Heavy Work, but not sufficiently heavy to be able to return to his pre-injury work. During what seemed like a never-ending process of vocational rehabilitation pushed by the defendants, we were able to secure a six-figure settlement for the claimant, primarily due to the very high, pre-injury wages he enjoyed.