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The Various Types of Prosthetic Limbs

In a recently-posted article, we discussed the various types of workers compensation benefits that may be due to an injured worker when an amputation occurs as a result of an on-the-job injury.  Here we discuss the various types of prostheses that may be employed to help amputees return to more functional lives.  According to Amputee …

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Medical Treatments for Amputees

Workers can suffer the loss of a limb or body part for many reasons. They may be injured in a vehicle accident or a fall. Often, workers lose a limb due to being crushed or pinned by workplace machinery or equipment. Our office has represented a number of clients who are amputees, and obtained settlements …

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Spine Impairment Ratings in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Cases

Medical impairment ratings are a way of assessing the severity of your work injury. They are used in cases where your injury is permanent as opposed to something that will heal in time. Doctors use various factors to determine the impairment rating that applies to your injury. Doctors can’t just pick a rating out of …

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Medicare Set-Asides (MSA’s) in North Carolina Settlement Agreements

Employees who have an MSA (Medicare Set Aside) account as part of their settlement should get a separate check from the employer or insurance carrier to cover the cost of future medical expenses. Self-administered accounts should be deposited into a separate account that is used just to pay for the employee’s medical expenses – and no other expenses. Some MSAs are not self-administered. Here, the employee will normally get a yearly check for the anticipated medical bills.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Mediation of North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Cases

Mediation is a mandatory process in North Carolina where unless the Parties object, an opportunity is provided to resolve the client’s claim. The Parties and their attorneys get together in an informal setting. A Mediator is someone who the Parties agree to use to help facilitate a settlement of the claim. The Mediator really does not decide anything. He or she is just there to help the Parties come together and try to resolve the claim.

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Difference between Related and Unrelated Causes under the NC Workers Compensation Death Benefit Laws

If the cause of the worker’s death is unrelated to the worker’s injury or occupational illness, then the payout is usually small. On the other hand, if the cause of death is related to the employee’s injury or occupational illness, then the payout is 400 to 500 weeks of 2/3rds of the average weekly wage plus burial benefits. For this reason, if there is reasonable argument that the death is related to the injury or job illness, then it makes sense to try to prove that causation did exist.

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