Motorcycle, Truck, and Vehicle Accident Statistics for North Carolina

The Division of Motor Vehicles of the North Carolina Department of Transportation keeps many accident statistics on a yearly basis. For 2012, the Division made the following analysis of motorcycle accidents in North Carolina:

  • 161 motorcyclists were killed, 14.3% more than in 2011
  • 3,472 motorcyclists were injured, 7.6 % less than 2011
  • There were 4,269 motorcycle crashes

These numbers show that in 3,633 of 4,269 accidents or 85% of the time there was a North Carolina motorcycle accident, someone died or was injured. As expected, most motorcycle injuries and deaths happened in the warm weather months. June was the worst month for accidents. December was the month with the least motorcycle accidents.

Passenger car fatal accidents (fatal accidents usually give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit) numbered 720. The leaders, by vehicle type, after passenger cars were sport utility vehicles (298 deaths), pickup trucks (268 deaths), pedestrians (202 deaths), motorcycles (161 deaths), vans (80 deaths), tractor/semi-trailers (60 deaths), single unit trucks with 2 axles and 6 tires (33 deaths), pedal-cycles (24 deaths), truck/trailers (20 deaths), mopeds (20 deaths), single unit trucks-3 or more axles (15 deaths) and light trucks (12 deaths).

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