Three Motorcycle Accidents, One Fatal, Happen on Highway 26 in North Carolina

WSOC, TV 9 reported on May 25, 2014, that a fatal motorcycle accident happened on Highway 268 in Caldwell County, North Carolina. A 24-year-old man was killed. Investigators believe speed was a factor. Two other motorcycle accidents also happened on the same day on the same road causing severe injuries to two separate riders. The NC Highway Patrol thinks that all the riders were riding in a group. Highway 268 has a lot of curves, so speeding can be really dangerous. Somehow, the different riders became separated. This report shows the need for motorcycle operators to be fully educated in group riding and making turns.

  • Groups: Groups of motorcycle riders need to be able to communicate with each other. An intercom system is one way. Hand signals are another way. It can be hard to keep the group together. Traffic lights, other traffic, stop signs, and other traffic situations may force a group to split into smaller groups. Groups normally designate a lead rider and also make amends for the least experienced group rider. Groups should plan a strategy and consider an education course before hitting the road.
  • Riding a motorcycle through a turn is an art. The speed has to be considered as well as how the bike leans and how the passenger leans. Where you position your feet and how you handle the motorcycle are also factors. It’s best to learn how to turn from the pros and practice in a safe environment.

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