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Glossary of Terms in Virginia Workers’ Compensation Cases

Terms starting with B

These are commonly used workers’ compensation terms for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The terms are provided by the state worker’s compensation website. They are not legal advice. They’re general and meant to help you understand the terminology.

Benefits Covered under the Act: These are the benefits workers can possibly get (depending on their case) through the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act:

  • Lost wages: Normally 2/3 of the average weekly wage up to a maximum number of weeks or until the worker can return to work
  • Medical benefits for life: Hospital, doctor, medical supplier and pharmacy bills
  • Benefits for permanent partial impairment
  • Benefits for permanent and total disability
  • Death benefits: These are paid to the beneficiaries. Typically they are the funeral bills and lost wages
  • Cost of living increases
  • Vocational rehabilitation: Training to handle new work

Burden of Proof: This is a legal standard. It says that one side has the burden to prove his position. A worker has the burden to prove he/she was an employee, was injured on the job and that the injuries were caused by the work accident. An employer has the burden to show an employee is able to return to work. The standard is usually a “preponderance of evidence.” Which means more likely than not.

Bureau of Insurance: Employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. There are some exceptions. The Bureau reviews and monitors the insurance companies and agents to make sure they comply with the state laws and regulations and to determine the insurance and underwriting rates.

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